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                  Assembly line: The assembly line equipment for the surface treatment of the product in the coating production line, which can spray paint, powder, and silver the product to achieve the effect of beauty or protection. Automatic coating line is now a common form. After all, labor costs are high and efficiency is low.


                  Advantages of automatic coating production line


                  1. High work efficiency: The previous spraying production line required a lot of manual labor, but the automatic spraying production line freed both hands. It is a complete automation project, only needs 2-3 people to place the workpiece in advance, and the spraying speed is very fast.


                  2. Simple operation: In the pretreatment process, it was necessary to manually add various chemical liquids in proportion, which is very harmful to the human body. At the same time, if the proportion of the liquid medicine is not accurate, the workpiece will be cleaned, which will affect the quality of the product; now a computer has been used to replace the artificial liquid to automatically add the liquid to ensure the performance of the liquid, only simple operation training is required, and skilled workers can operate independently Multiple production lines.


                  3. Quality assurance: automatic spraying is equivalent to copy and paste. In the absence of equipment problems, the quality of each work case is basically the same, which reduces the interference of human factors, improves efficiency and ensures production quality.



                  4. Greatly shorten the working cycle: the automatic coating production line can basically work 24 hours, and there will be professional and technical personnel to ensure that there will be no problems in each link, which greatly shortens the working cycle.


                  The above content is organized and provided by Wenling Huayu Production Line Manufacturing Plant. Huayu production line is a professional production, design, installation, commissioning, transportation and maintenance line equipment enterprise. Since the establishment of the factory 26 years ago, with the advanced modern production management system and continuous product innovation, a complete set of suspended object conveyor lines, various belt conveyor lines, coating lines, plate chain lines, complete machine lines, cleaning lines, and automated combinations have been manufactured Assemble production equipment, storage and other product series. Products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric bicycles and accessories, washing machines, gasoline engines, sewing machines, motors, instruments, household appliances, computers, color TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, cooking utensils, energy-saving machines, cosmetics, Various assembly and production of electronic industries such as communications, transportation, water pumps, food plastic products, etc., improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs for enterprises. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit the factory and discuss cooperation!