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                  The assembly line of cable tray equipment can be designed according to your site. The cost of automation equipment is very high. The first-generation bridge equipment is very cumbersome, and manual adjustment is required. Two manual half-day adjustment models, the machine is more than 30 meters long, one model can be adjusted half-day from beginning to end. It takes a lot of time, and the cost of the machine is not low.

                  二代橋架自動電動調型所有的型號全部自動電控觸摸屏換型,節省了人工,一個人調試設備,一個人工出板,您只負責銷量就可以了 。

                  All models of the second-generation bridge automatic electric adjustment are all automatic and electronically controlled touch screens, which saves labor. One person debugs the equipment and the other manually releases the board. You only need to be responsible for sales.


                  As long as you have sales, you can have as much automation equipment as possible, but the equipment investment will be larger, equipment investment is more than 500,000, coil investment, plus capital turnover, your budget is about 1 million Only the above can start this project.

                  但是,如果您的預算投資不大,對設備也就幾十萬,二三十萬的話,我建議您別上這么長的流水線,您可以來找我,我幫您出個方案 規劃一下,在盡可能投資少的情況下增加一個或兩個人工,先慢慢把廠開起來。慢慢的運轉,慢慢的運作,在銷量大的時候如果 能力允許再上大的自動化流水線!

                  However, if your budget investment is not large, and the equipment is only hundreds of thousands, two or three hundred thousand, I suggest that you don’t go to such a long assembly line. You can come to me and I will help you plan a plan. Add one or two labors with as little investment as possible, and start the factory slowly first. Operate slowly, operate slowly, when the sales volume is large, if the capacity allows, then go to a large automated assembly line!


                  The above content is organized and provided by Wenling Huayu Production Line Manufacturing Plant. Huayu production line is a professional production, design, installation, commissioning, transportation and maintenance line equipment enterprise. Since the establishment of the factory 26 years ago, with the advanced modern production management system and continuous product innovation, a complete set of suspended object conveyor lines, various belt conveyor lines, coating lines, plate chain lines, complete machine lines, cleaning lines, and automated combinations have been manufactured Assemble production equipment, storage and other product series. Products are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, electric bicycles and accessories, washing machines, gasoline engines, sewing machines, motors, instruments, household appliances, computers, color TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, cooking utensils, energy-saving machines, cosmetics, Various assembly and production of electronic industries such as communications, transportation, water pumps, food plastic products, etc., improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs for enterprises. Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit the factory and discuss cooperation!